• Activate

  • I was emailed an activation code, what do I do with this?

    An activation code allows you to activate a specific product for your account. First, make sure you are registered for an account on our system. Then navigate to the product listed in the email. Each product detail page will have a button at the top that says “Purchase/Activate”. Click on this button, enter the activation code in the box, and click activate.

  • I tried to activate my product but it says my email extension is not correct?

    Multiple user license purchases must be tied to the same email extension. An email extension is everything after the ‘@’ in your email address. If you created your account with something other than the extension provided by the purchaser, the activation code will not work.

  • I tried to activate my product but it says there are no authorized users remaining?

    Multiple user license purchases are for a specific number of activations. Once that number of activations is used, the code no longer works. If there were problems with activating the product that cause this to be in error, let us know and we can fix it.

  • I’ve activated my product, how do I access it?

    Once a product is activated, you can click on the “My Tools” menu option to see a full listing of your licensed products. Next to each product will be a launch button which is used to access the tool. If you have activated a product and it does not show up in “My Tools” let us know and we will get that fixed right away.

  • Trial Access

  • Can I try out a product before I buy it?

    Absolutely, just send us an email and we will send you an activation code for a trial period (usually 7 days). Note however that we may suspend access to trial users during major outage events because we want to make sure sufficient bandwidth (and performance) is available to our licensed customers.

  • Power Outage Dashboard

  • I noticed that one of the utilities has a date that is not current.

    There are a lot of reasons why a utility data pull may not have worked in the current attempt. Some utilities block requests during the update of their webpage. If our pull exactly coincides with this update, we will not get any data. Believe it or not, some (few) utilities take their pages down during major events. Others only put their pages up during major outages. There isn’t much we can do about those cases. Utilities also periodically change their page (or vendor) causing a new format that we may not be aware of. We try to stay on top of this but occasionally one gets by. Let us know and we will fix it. In the event a pull fails, we revert to the previous pull (with its data and time stamp) for a period of time (limited to 3 hours) before we say nothing is available. The status will always show the data of the data so it is clear what is being reported.

  • Why is a utility not listed that I know has an outage website?

    If it is a new website, we may simply not know about it. If you let us know, we will add it, usually in a day or so. We canvas the rather large list of utilities in the U.S. periodically but there are literally thousands of utilities.

  • What does the term “unassigned” mean with respect to outages?

    When we pull the data, it comes in various formats, from tables to a map with pins on it. We currently normalize our data to the county level. In order to do this we cross reference the names reported by the utilities to a County name or we determine the county from a latitude/longitude pair. Sometimes utilities will report outages as “other” in which case we cannot decipher a county. Another case is when the latitude/longitude may fail to code to a county. In these cases we recognize the outage but do not assign it to a county. Sometimes this is included in the State totals but if a utility serves multiple States, it is not.

  • Is there a way to customize what is being displayed?

    There are a lot of options to suctomize the current display in the Professional version under the Disply tab. These were mainly requested by our customers so if you have other items you would like to customize, let us know. The Advanced version is not customizable and was created for optimum display on a TV/Monitor in a control room.

  • Other

  • I have an idea for something new.

    We always have a few products under consideration. Some don’t make it because of the availability of data, others because we are not sure there is interest. We may have something in the works that could meet your needs. On the other hand, we may not. We would love to discuss your ideas with you. We will do all of the research and coding. Our goal is simply to put out good products which serve a compelling need.

  • Will your site go down if you lose power?

    Our servers are hosted by one of the largest and most trusted cloud services in the country. The site where our servers is hosted has full backup capabilities and is located at one of the largest internet hubs in the United States. This not only ensures that our site will be available for all but the worst of disasters, but also that it will have excellent performance. We chose our service provider specifically to address availability and performance.

  • I need access now, but my company has a long process for purchasing?

    Contact us and we will work with you.